Pat Ashe is a freelance producer, curator and former performance maker.

He has worked as a producer with companies such as Honeyslug, Crows Crows Crows, Hollow Ponds and creators such as Armel Gibson & Pol Clarrisou. He has co-curated events at Camden People's Theatre, Victoria & Albert Museum, Art Gallery Of Ontario, BL_NK and the Game Developer's Conference.

As a performer, speaker and games facilitator he has appeared at a wide variety of festivals, venues and events including Playful Arts Festival, Forest Fringe, A MAZE Berlin, Prototype, Broadway Cinema, Stoke Newington International Airport, Feral Vector and The Yard Theatre among others.

Twitter: @patrickashe

Email: pat (at) patrickashe (dot) com

Photo: Christos Reid

Photo: Christos Reid