Beta Public - Co-Curator

Beta Public is an ongoing collaboration with Tom Martin ( It is a space for exploring the intersections between theatre and video games.

We made some zines for Beta Public V which feature super cool writing from theatre and performance art folks (Chris Brett Bailey, Nina Segal & Megan Vaughan) about various interesting games (Bernband, Slave Of God & Robert Yang's work) plus lovely artwork from Angus Dick. You can get these here:

We have showcased games from a wide range of creators such as Mattie Brice, Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga, Fullbright, Anna Anthropy, Droqen, Tale Of Tales, Peter Moorhead, Jack King-Spooner, Christine Love, Andi Mcclure & Michael Brough and George Buckenham among others.

Our performance line up has included Cara Ellison, Alice O'Connor, Tassos Stevens, William Drew, Lucy Hutson, Hannah Nicklin, Emma Bennett, Ellie Stamp and many more.