Photo: Unknown but let me know and I'll add you here!

Photo: Unknown but let me know and I'll add you here!

Several Amazing Things About Tetris (1984)  - Performer

Several Amazing Things About Tetris (1984) is a short performance piece about the video game Tetris, obsession and some amazing things. The piece is a one man show in which I attempt to tell the audience about my favourite video game of all time, Tetris. The show however only lasts as long 1 person can play a game of Tetris for, so as soon as that person gets a game over, the show ends at whatever point I reached in my performance.

The show has been performed  as a performance lecture, a one on one encounter and a larger scale performance.

‘Beams, boxes, zig-zags and L blocks drop relentlessly down a narrow passage. You quickly spin, shift and align the shapes. It’s challenging and the pace is demanding. But satisfaction comes as each block slots in place. Tetris is amazing, see if you have what it takes to find out just how amazing it is.’

‘A brilliant concept, fascinating factoids learnt and a charming performer and I’m sure I also got the highest score of the day. From Russia With Fun!’ –

‘Performance Artist Pat Ashe presented a piece titled Several Amazing Things About Tetris (1984). It was about Tetris and it was brilliant.’ – the lovely Gamecity folks